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Tired of your artificial flowers? Have a living piece of art in your reception or office areas.


Bonsai Unleashed offers hire (some sales), general advice, 'plant sitting', and more, of beautiful bonsais, in and around the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

As humans, it is beneficial to our health and wellbeing to have plants around us, not to mention how good they are for the environment. Plants are the earth's lungs and in our buildings they purify and oxygenate the air we breathe.

Plants add colours to any space, whether it's an office, a reception area, a corridor or even a toilet. Having living plants around us makes us more relaxed and calm. Research shows work productivity improves when you have a plant on your desk. Having a beautiful bonsai tree on your desk can reduce stress and anxiety levels and a bonus is that many people believe a bonsai brings luck and fortune.

We offer a great bonsai hire service so you can STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

A different bonsai is provide by us every week. This allows optimum plant health and stand out variety for your office.

Bonsai re-potting, pruning

Our Services

Hire (Some Sales)
Bonsais include, junipers, azaleas, figs, gardenias, NZ christmas trees, thujas, murrayas, cotoneaster, and more. We have a long list of choices, hence the 'unleashed'.

Like all potted plants, a bonsai can get pot bound and the roots need room to grow. Pruning and re-potting a bonsai tree maintains its health and promotes growth. Pruning and re-potting service is available.

Plant Care/Maintenance
Watering, cleaning, fertilising, trimming, pest control, plant replacement, and more, are all part of our care and maintenance plan. We also offer plant sitting while you are away on holidays (at house or away).

General Advice
Which bonsai is best for me? How much water should I give my plant? When should I re-pot? These questions and more answered by Bonsai Unleashed. Contact us now!

Plant Options

Take a look at some of our plant options. Pictured is only a small sample of what we can supply.

Chinese Elm

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Get in touch with us today and find out more about using indoor plants to create a healthier and more refreshing breathing environment in your workplace or home.

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A Bit of History

The art of bonsai began in China more than 10 centuries ahead of Japanese bonsai. The Chinese had a passion for flowers and the country is endowed with a wide diversity of natural flora. Beyond this, the Chinese believed that miniature objects had certain powers of magic and mysticism. The literal meaning of bonsai is 'tree in a tray' and, still today, the most desired containers are often of antique Chinese containers.

Japan and China have developed and evolved along lines. While China still maintains the traditional ancient, and often 'crude' appearance they are still very much sought after. In retrospect, Japanese bonsai are more natural and pleasing. The Japanese trees have a more refined and 'groomed' look about them. Like any other form of art, both types of bonsai have their admirers.

In the time since World War II, the bonsai experience in the USA and Europe are Japanese in origin. The Japanese trees are considered to be of the highest quality. The art of bonsai, having been kept alive for nearly 2,500 years, has its roots in the Buddhist tradition. The enthusiasm and artistic tradition, as well as the patient stewardship combine to complete the bonsai experience.